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Glotherapeutics Brightening Polish 50ml/1.7oz

Glotherapeutics Brightening Polish 50ml

  • A high-performance illuminating facial exfoliator.
  • Formulated with Turmeric Extract for anti-inflammatory antioxidant & healing benefits.
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Glotherapeutics Repair Cream (For Hand & Foot) 118ml/4oz

Glotherapeutics Repair Cream (For Hand & Foot) 118ml

  • A non-greasy repairing cream for extremely dry hands & feet.
  • Formulated with Drieline for repairing & regenerative benefits.
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Glotherapeutics Super Serum 30ml/1oz

Glotherapeutics Super Serum 30ml

  • A high-performance multi-action anti-aging serum.
  • Formulated with 5% Argireline to lessen the degree & depth of wrinkles.
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Glotherapeutics Gentle Cream Cleanser 200ml/6.7oz

Glotherapeutics Gentle Cream Cleanser 200ml

  • A mild cleansing cream to purify skin.
  • Effectively removes makeup excess oil & impurities.
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Glotherapeutics Restorative Mask 50ml/1.7oz

Glotherapeutics Restorative Mask 50ml

  • An efficacious restorative & deeply hydrating mask.
  • Formulated with Acai Fruit Extract a superb-potent anti-oxidant that prevents lipid peroxidation.
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Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion 200ml/6.7oz

Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion 200ml

  • A powerful anti-aging body moisturizer.
  • Formulated with advanced peptides that reduce fine lines & wrinkles.
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Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Face Essence (For Mature & Dry Skin) 30ml/1oz

Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Face Essence (For Mature & Dry Skin) 30ml

  • A lightweight yet powerful anti-aging essence for mature skin.
  • Formulated with Resistem a plant stem cell for protecting & regenerating properties.
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Glotherapeutics Barrier Balm 50ml/1.7oz

Glotherapeutics Barrier Balm 50ml

  • A high-performance soothing & protective balm.
  • Contains Rose Hip Seed Oil a relieving emollient that is rich in vitamins A C & E.
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Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Collection (Limited Edition): Body Lotion + Cleanser + Mask + Mask Applicator 4pcs

Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Collection (Limited Edition): Body Lotion + Cleanser + Mask + Mask Applicator 4pcs

  • Cyto-Luxe Collection (Limited Edition):.
  • 1x Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion 200ml/6.7oz.
  • 1x Cyto-Luxe Cleanser 130ml/4.4oz.
  • 1x Cyto-Luxe Mask 50ml/1.7oz.
  • 1x Mask ApplicatorIdeal both for personal use & as a gift.
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Glotherapeutics Line Smoother 15ml/0.5oz

Glotherapeutics Line Smoother 15ml

  • A powerful face concentrate for mature skin.
  • Concentrated with clinically-proven actives instant skin toning & long-term lifting actions.
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Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Hydration+ 30ml/1oz

Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Hydration+ 30ml

  • A high performance moisturizer for all skin types.
  • Contains a potent Hyaluronic Acid with micro molecular size.
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Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Cream 50ml/1.7oz

Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Cream 50ml

  • A powerful rejuvenating cream for mature & dry skin.
  • Contains Buddleja Davidii Stems G for antioxidant anti-inflammatory healing & hydrating benefits.
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Glotherapeutics Skin Firming Cream 50ml/1.7oz

Glotherapeutics Skin Firming Cream 50ml

  • A high-performance firming cream for very dry & aging skin.
  • Formulated with Gladback - AKE a multifunctional active ingredient.
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Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Mask 50ml/1.7oz

Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Mask 50ml

  • An intense rejuvenating facial mask for mature skin.
  • Contains orange stem cells to nourish skin & protect against environmental stressors.
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Glotherapeutics Calming Flower Mist 118ml/4oz

Glotherapeutics Calming Flower Mist 118ml

  • A quick remedy to calm irritated sensitive skin.
  • Ultra light & quick absorbing.
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Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Serum 30ml/1oz

Glotherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Serum 30ml

  • A powerful rejuvenating serum for mature skin.
  • Formulated with SYN -AKE a tripeptide that offers anti-wrinkle effect.
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